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 Our New Web Project Is Underway

The InTune Mother, LLC is currently building a brand new website to better serve those in the community of undisturbed childbirth, with our intuitive childbirth wellness model. The timing is right for The InTune Mother Project. We are determined to provide families with healthier childbirth and parenting outcomes, in a totally undisturbed, free thinking, online, and offline environment. The mothers and their families, will receive a full range of services with natural, free-thinking childbirth education, parenting support groups, breastfeeding support groups, postpartum groups, and early childhood education (home-school) groups just to name a few. All women are in search of better childbirth outcomes for their babies and peace of mind for themselves and their families. Together we can help them identify with their options.

The InTune Mother is a Community Development Project

Founded by Melvin and RaShaunda Lugrand.



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